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R2P Academy

We are pleased to introduce the R2P Academy!

By blending rehab and performance principles, the Rehab 2 Perform Academy aims to create a common language and a cohesive model to provide interdisciplinary integration to best serve the clients needs. These courses will provide clinicians with a framework to narrow the information gap between education and practice in restoring high level function for rehabilitation professionals.

  • Our Blueprints Course originally scheduled for April 4th in Bethesda has been rescheduled for July 18th! Limited Space Available.
  • Did you miss the Online Rehab Performance Summit? Purchase and Access 10+ hours of content HERE!


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Our Team

Strength in Knowledge! The Academy provided 10+ hours of amazing content in the world of Sports Rehab & Performance on the weekend of June 27th and 28th. Did you miss out? You are able to purchase and access all the content now! $9.99 for individual presentations, or save $25 when you purchase all 6 Videos! 

Presentations Included:

  • Post Operative Considerations: Moving Beyond Rehabilitation - Dr. Zach Baker, DPT, SCS. Area Director, Rehab 2 Perform
  • Rehab 2.0: The Future of PT - Dr. Josh Funk, DPT. Owner/CEO, Rehab 2 Perform
  • Comprehensive Hamstring Strain Evaluations and Treatment: Checkpoints, Check-downs, and Continuum's - Dr. Anthony Iannarino, DPT, CSCS. Site Director, Rehab 2 Perform
  • Tendon Neuroplastic Training and Aerobic Plyometrics: Novel Strategies for Tendinopathy Reconditioning - Dr. Jarred Boyd, DPT, ATC, SCS, CSCS. Performance Physical Therapy, Memphis Grizzlies
  • Building Your Brand: Create an Effective Strategy - Matt Cornell. COO, Rehab 2 Perform
  • Beyond Load Management: What it is NOT and what really matters for Rehab and Performance - Dr. Michael Reinhardt, DPT. Site Director, Rehab 2 Perform

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Blueprints: Bethesda, MD - July 18th

Approaching performance and rehab from a methods only perspective limits our adaptability to variable situations. Improving the processes and principles encourages better reasoning and rationale behind decision making in the clinic. This is why we’ve created a 'Blueprint' at Rehab 2 Perform,to allow for the formation of reproducible procedures, individualized plans, and providing a framework for success.

Blueprints allow you deal with the complex and unpredictable reality of working with human beings, they help to protect from cognitive bias and emotion. They are shown to help improve the accuracy of decision making.

*For an in-depth look at the Course Download the E-Book HERE


What to Expect

  • A framework to help bridge the gap between rehab and performance
  • Clinical decision making tools for the restoration of high level function
  • Phases of rehab with objective entry and exit criteria
  • Hands-on lab with range of motion, locomotor, stability, strength, power, plyometrics,and endurance progressions and regressions

Topics / Schedule

Establishing Blueprints

  • Building and using assessment and treatment models
  • Developing and using principles and checklists to guide practice
  • Defining the phases of return to performance rehab

Assessment and the Utilization of Objective Testing

  • Utilization and interpretation of basic Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity objective tests.
  • Timelines vs Criteria 

Movement Foundation (Lecture & Lab)

Create logical progressions/regression sequences through the main movement “buckets” to return to full return to performance. Participants will understand, be guided through, and learn to teach each exercise sequence.

  • ROM/Movement Options
  • Coordination/Stability
  • Locomotor
  • Strength/Power
  • Plyometric/Elasticity
  • Energy Systems

Programming Principles

  • Load Management
  • Session Flow
  • Home Exercise Education
  • Psychosocial Considerations

Earn Continued Educational Hours/Units with ACSM (8), APTA (8), NASM (9) and NSCA (9)


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