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man teaching medicine ball throws to patient


Performance training is designed to help keep athletes healthy and decrease the risk of injury. Tools and techniques used are personal and small group training for speed, agility, and other sports performance evaluators.


When it comes to improving health and performance, a one size fits all approach rarely gets the job done. Whether you are coming to us after being inactive for an extended period or recently coming off of surgery, our staff will help create an individualized program tailor made for your needs, wants and goals. It is our mission to serve as a catalyst for your journey to achieve life long health and well-being. 


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At Rehab 2 Perform, it is our goal to be proactive with youth athletes and give them an environment where they learn how to properly integrate mindset, nutrition and athletic movement to help them perform now, and perform for life. Our small group sessions provide the best athlete-to-coach ratio (no more than 6 kids per group) in the area and are run by a Doctor of Physical Therapy staff member with advanced experience in strength and conditioning principles.

75-Minute Training Session Includes:

  • Self-Myofascial Release Techniques 
  • Proper Active Dynamic Warm Up Strategies
  • Landing Drills and Movement Skills to Decrease Injury Risk
  • Multi-Directional Coordination and Body Awareness Drills
  • Education and Drills to Facilitate Proper Running Mechanics
  • Introduction to Strength Training (Bodyweight and Free Weight)
  • Structured and Appropriate Conditioning 


(2x/week for 4 weeks)- $200 
(3x/week for 4 weeks)- $300 

*Referral and Sibling Discounts are Available*