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Cam MacDonald, DPT Student

Why did you decide to enter the field of Physical Therapy?

As I have always had a passion for the human performance and health science fields, I had a very general sense that I would want to work in a profession like physical therapy that was related to both in some capacity. Outside of being intrigued by the overall scope of the field, the patient care aspect of physical therapy remained highly appealing, given the volume of time physical therapists are able to work with patients, while building the interpersonal relationships that become an invaluable aspect of the rehab process. After working alongside multiple physical therapists and seeing firsthand the profound impact they had on patients’ lives through their dynamic skill set, I knew this was the field I ultimately wanted to pursue for my career.

What is your background?

I am currently in my third year of the University of Rhode Island’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. Prior to PT school, I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Exercise Science and a concentration in Strength in Conditioning. After graduation, I completed multiple strength and conditioning internships where I was fortunate enough to work with many high-level athletes across a broad range of different sports. I am originally from Massachusetts, and played a number of sports growing up, including football and track & field in high school, and rugby in college.

What is your specialty/niche when it comes to being a future physical therapist?

Given my background in athletics and in the field of strength and conditioning, I would like to work with a primarily athletic population in the future. In treating this population, I think physical therapists have a very unique opportunity to seamlessly blend the worlds of traditional rehab and human performance training into a comprehensive model of patient care. In addition to having the tools to effectively meet patients at any point along the rehab spectrum, physical therapists well versed in the rehab and performance fields have the capacity to guide patients back to their highest level of function. Although expansive and challenging in nature, this broad scope of practice remains equally fascinating and rewarding and can have a hugely positive influence on patients’ quality of life.

What are you most looking forward to joining the Rehab 2 Perform team?

In joining the R2P team, I am most excited about learning from a group that is highly progressive in their constant pursuit of the optimization of patient care. In only my first few weeks working with Dr. Jarred Boyd and the rest of the team, I have already learned more than I ever expected, and more importantly, I have been able to adopt a number of core principles that I will continue to lean on throughout the rest of my career. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to continue this educational process over the remainder of my clinical, while simultaneously building more relationships with patients during their rehab processes.

What are your plans on trying to engage and connect with the Frederick community?

As this is my first time in the state of Maryland, I have made a sincere effort to truly appreciate the nuances of the local culture and community, mainly through my interactions with the patients. Additionally, R2P’s work at the Frederick Rescue Mission has granted me the opportunity to directly assist the local community, which has been an unbelievable experience, and one that I am looking forward to continuing. To supplement my time in the clinic, I am also excited about continuing to explore Frederick and the neighboring areas, while taking in all that this great community has to offer.