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Meet the Team: Dr. Anthony Iannarino


man on sisters back holding degree
man on back his sisters back in arizonaQuestion: Why did you decided to become a physical therapist?

Answer: I’ve always been interested in sports, and being an athlete myself, I’ve been through that process of never being the fastest or strongest, or could get through with given ability. I think that pushed me into the sports performance realm, and my exposure, learning from some of the top minds in sports performance, really led me to having a deeper appreciation for movement and all the intricacies that belong with that, which pushed me to investigate and go through with physical therapy school to meet people. Where they’re at, wherever they are in the performance to rehab continuum.

Q: What is your background?

A: I grew up primarily playing soccer and basketball. Not breaching over 5-foot-9, the basketball career was cut short after a year of high school ball. I was fortunate to continue playing soccer at a high level throughout high school and throughout club soccer. I ended up starting the club volleyball team at my high school. I’ve been through a lot of the ups and downs of being a youth athlete and the current climate of culture, of what’s that becoming, and can understand what it takes from a physical and emotional standpoint. Also understand how devastating how scary an injury can be.

Q: What is your specialty or niche when it comes to being a physical therapist?

A: It’s kind of like what I’ve mentioned before. I have a very strong skillset in the ability to understand what it takes to from Day 1 post surgery to being an elite athlete back on the field, and being able to dissect it and really progress every step of that process. Having had opportunities to learn from some of the best minds in sports performance and getting to really see some athletes at the top level of their sports compete. I think that allows me to have a good 5,000-foot view of what that looks like, from off the surgical table, to back on the field.

Q: What are you most looking forward to joining the Rehab 2 Perform team?

A: One word: Community. I was lucky to be the first ever physical therapy clinical student at Rehab 2 Perform and was there when they opened up their first stand-alone location. And honestly, as soon as I left my clinical, and headed back to school, I was wishing I was back there every day. It’s just the people. The mentorship I got from Dr. Funk, Dr. Baker and Dr. Farrar, and really just all the people, all the patients. All of the aspects of community that R2P brought, the daily atmosphere.

Q: What are your plans on trying to engage and connect with the Germantown community?

A: As a student, I had the opportunity to give some community talks in the city of Dayton. Talking on health and wellness, and injury prevention in athletes. I really enjoy going out and engaging a crowd and educating others. So I would very much look forward to getting out to local high schools and getting out to local community centers and reaching out to really anyone who is interested in moving their ability to move and be physically fit, and feel and be healthy. I’d be very excited to meet those people and engage them in any way that would help the community at large.