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Ryanne Spigelman

Ryanne SpigelmanClinic Coordinator

Ryanne Spigelman was born and raised on a smallfarm located outside of Frederick, MD. Growing up Ryanne always played sports and was constantly active. After graduating from Linganore High School she moved to Boise, ID where she attended Boise State University to pursue a Bachelor's in Exercise Science.

When she lived in Boise she found a new love for weightlifting. In Boise is where her passion for health and fitness blossomed. She had always known she wanted to able to be a positive influence for anyone who is pursuing a healthier and active life.

After living in Boise for nearly 5 years, Ryanne moved back to Maryland. Once moving back she joined a CrossFit gym and fell in love with the community and exercise style of CrossFit. She began to train at the gym next door, The X-Project. She is a certified personal trainer and coaches there part time in hopes to also inspire those around her to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.